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The Saturday Orthodox Parish School has been founded by Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral and is under the direct supervision of the Rector of the Cathedral. The School's primary and main goal is to upbring the young generation of Orthodox Christians in the spirit and tradition of the Holy Orthodox faith. Although Russian history, culture, language and literature are given an important role, nevertheless they are of a secondary importance in comparison with the main goal.

The School enrolls Russian-speaking children ages 3 to 16, baptized in Orthodox Church, regardless of what language level they have, who wish to learn the bases of Orthodox Faith, traditions as well as Russian history, language and culture.

The next important requirement is an obligatory and active participation of parents in school activity, help in organizing and carrying out school undertakings, furnishing of school's premises and cleaning up school grounds.

Children and parents baptized in Orthodox Church, are responsible for participation in Church life: regularly attend church services, come to Confession and Communion, participate in church celebrations, charities, choir and other aspects of parish life.

Children of worship other than Orthodox can be enrolled only after interview with parents.

• All necessary information about school activities (i.e. classes schedule, student/class list, teachers and clergy telephones, correspondence and school news), as well as the corner for Parents' Committee, is located on the School bulletin board in the church hall corridor.
• Classes take place on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (see classes schedule) and begin with common prayer. This prayer has to be attended by every student and teacher.
• The school teaches children the following subjects: Foundation of the Orthodoxy (Law of God), History of Russia and Church, Church and folk singing, Russian language, reading and literature. All of these disciplines are mandatory parts of the program.
• Beginning with 3rd grade students start having tests at the end of the first and the last semester, while in 4th grade they start having examinations in all subjects. Examination results are used for determining whether a student passes into the next grade, or remains in the same grade for the next year.
• When students are supplied with textbooks and work materials from the church library, they should use them with care, and return them back in due time.
• Every parent should be on duty according to the schedule.
• Each teacher is assigned their own classroom, which must be kept in order and cleanness throughout the school year. Any damage done by a student must be repaired at cost of his/her parents.
• All teachers, students and parents-monitors dine in the church hall during the main recess. Lunch begins with prayer and blessing of a priest. After the meal, while there is still time left before beginning of the next class, it is recommended that the students spend this time outside playing.
• The school has a supply of necessary toys and games, acquired on parents' donations. They are stored in the teachers' lounge and are taken out for the main recess. ATTENTION: it is forbidden for children to bring to school electronic toys, recorders, toys, and other items that distract attention during class.
• All students must maintain the discipline, teachers, students and parents should respect clergy and observe the norms of Orthodox etiquette.
• Students must dress modestly and neatly, so that their clothes do not prevent them from entering the temple of God for prayer. Beginning 2010 the partial uniform has been introduced to the School consisting of t-shirts or sweaters with a School logo that are to acquired and worn by every student.
• The school is closed 15 minutes after the classes end. From this time PARENTS are responsible for their children. Children must wait for their parents in the church garden under the supervision of a parent on duty, and at no circumstances can leave the church ground without an accompanying adult.

• The Parents' committee is elected at the beginning of each school year. It is responsible for assisting the teaching staff in all organizational and other ongoing matters.
• The general parents' meeting is held on the first day of school year and is mandatory for all parents. In the course of the year each teacher has a right to summon a parents' meeting within his/her class to resolve the current matters.
• Parents are also obliged to notify the school (or their teacher) in advance about their child's upcoming absence from classes, to acquire the assignments, to have their children complete these assignments and to return them to the teacher.
• Parents ought to take an interest in their child's school progress and provide them with all needed help and support in completing their homework.

The School Administration reserves a right to refuse any applicant or expel any enrolled student in the following cases:
1) In case of their or their parents' disrespectful attitude to the Orthodox Faith, the Church, Priesthood or teachers.
2) In case of severe and systematical violation of discipline and school rules.
3) In case of THREE absences without a satisfactory excuse (which composes one-tenth of all the classes of the year) in a school year.
4) In case when your child was granted an exception by being enrolled in the School not yet being baptized or his/her parents are not baptized, and after studying for a year or more has not expressed any desire to be baptized.
5) In case of neglect to pay for tuition.

School Director, Archpriest Nazari Polataiko